Monday, August 31, 2020


You are welcome to the official website of Ibrosoft International Development Foundation. An African organization that provides free incredible ICT conferences with the aim of enhancing quality education, reducing poverty, and overhauling human welfare in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Since our commencement, thousands of people and teachers were trained and certified with the ICT skills, and hundreds of public schools were supported by various ICT facilities.

Teachers attended ICT workshop, Gombe, Nigeria.  
So, we are working from improving quality education to personnel development, and community advancement in the philanthropic area, the foundation intends to promote social consciousness and responsibility to develop an innovative and sustainable model for a better world.

Although, Nigeria is Africa’s populous country and perhaps the largest economy on the continent, Nigeria is commonly regarded as an African driving force. With ample natural resources and a young, dynamic population, the country has long played a significant role on the continent and it has the prospective to be a wider global player in the coming decades.

So, to make this reality, we believe that enhancing Nigeria's quality education is vital. This is because education is at the center of human progress: educating students, driving innovation, and promoting social equity. The very best educational systems prepare people to be successful, creative, and involved members of society. These systems provide suitable knowledge, abilities, and skills, enabling students to obtain jobs that promote social equity and economic growth.

Today, education is experiencing dramatic change at an exceptional rate. To prepare students to prosper in the global system, they need new experiences, taught in new ways. Teachers need to develop new, latest, and updated material and deliver it differently.

So, our work currently is to enable positive shift across Africa especially Africa’s largest economy (Nigeria) in using ICT to improve the quality of teaching and learning through activities such as intensive ICT skills training to teachers, increase in ICT equipments and applications in schools, and emergence of living labs (LLs) and innovation spaces.

For the past two years, we have been re-training teachers, principals, headmasters, educators, and school administrators in Nigeria on the strategies to transform how they work and students learn by exploring them to use free, secure tools from G-Suite for Education.

We organized ICT workshops in three Geopolitical zones of Nigeria. These Zones include North Central Nigeria, North East, and North West. So far, over 118 schools participated and thousands of teachers were trained. We hope to provide all Nigerian teachers across all states with greater professional development through ICT to meet the need of our students and to have excellent preparation  to be successful, productive, and engaged members of our society.